Premium TextPay: Revolutionize Your Commute


In the rapidly-changing landscape of technological productivity tools, like Timely or Slack, one thing still bottlenecks the ability to get work done; the commute. The majority of Americans - 80%+ (according to - drive to work. There are numerous obstacles that slowdown commuters - dense traffic; inclement weather; paying for parking; etc. Think about it: how many times have you ended up waiting in line at a parking pay-machine, running back-and-forth to your car to drop a receipt/ticket on your dashboard? Thankfully, parking has caught up to Silicon Valley – and Premium Parking is at the forefront of the effort to keep it that way.

Premium Parking, a parking management company, is looking to do away with the antiquated parking systems that make everything harder than it needs to be. Their GLIDEparcs management platform features an array of tech solutions – including a mobile app, an online reservation engine, painless monthly parking subscriptions, and a text-to-pay platform. Their text-to-pay platform, Premium Textpay, has to be the simplest payment process in the parking industry. Simply text ‘Park’ to 504504 – enter your location number, add your license plate, pick how long you want to stay, pay, and you’re set. That’s it. No more tickets on the dash; no more gate-arms; no more hassle.

This new system means that you can pay for your parking while you’re walking into the office – instead of waiting in line like a dope. You can avoid waiting around in the rain and cold, and shave valuable time off your commute. If you’re a real go-getter you can even pre-pay before you leave the house. Not to mention, you get a reminder when your time is about to expire, and you can add time straight from your phone. No feeding the meter; no waiting in line; no loss in productivity. Next time you see a Premium Parking sign on your way to work, give TextPay a shot – you can thank me later.

by Joseph Nathan