Curbside Concierge by Premium Hospitality

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In the hotel industry, your reputation is everything.  But, recommendations, accreditations and official ratings no longer sway discerning guests. There are seemingly endless sources of reviews, ratings, and opinions across social media and travel review sites. The growing influence of social conversations has directly impacted how consumers approach discovering and booking hotels. Just one guest’s review has the power to influence millions. The internet has created transparency within the hospitality industry in which every guest’s experience, positive or negative, has the power to help or harm your prized brand.

To thrive in this climate, hotels must make a lasting impression on every guest. In doing so, no interaction can be overlooked. The guest experience begins as soon as a valet opens the car door. The question hotel managers ask is – ‘Are our valets connecting with guests at this very first touch point?' 

Premium Parking has spent the last decade developing our core expertise in hotel parking and our integrated hospitality product – Curbside Concierge. Through a carefully cultivated culture and training platform, Curbside Concierge allows Premium to push forth its service mantra of Connect, Respond, Impress.  Nurturing a warm and attentive culture can be challenging, but it’s a crucial component in creating the lasting impressions that are later reflected in online reviews and brand equity.