5 Ways We’re Rewriting the Rules of the Parking Industry


Lyft. Waze. Tesla. Technology continues to disrupt the transportation industry, making the way that drivers get around more seamless, faster and smarter. At Premium, we believe that the success of these technologies is about more than a well-branded app or flashy product. It’s about questioning how things are done, then finding ways to do them better.

By identifying the real problems that people are facing, then asking the right questions to inspire new answers. Do people need to own cars to get around (Lyft)? How can drivers help each other find the best routes (Waze)? What does the future of transportation look like (Tesla)?

As much as technology has revolutionized driving, we believe that parking still has a long way to go. Here are a few of the questions we’ve asked ourselves along the way, and how we’re changing the future of parking for the better.

1.    Why do parking garages need gates? Premium’s GLIDEPARCS technology eliminates gate barriers — and the bottlenecks, equipment failures and frustration that comes with them. Our seamless, cloud-based platform allows drivers to glide in and out of garages with ease, saving time and money for all parties involved.

2.    How can we simplify paying for parking? Life can get busy, and most people don’t want to go to the trouble of downloading an app just to pay for parking. With TextPay, customers can easily pay for their space in a few simple steps. Allowing them to get to wherever they’re going faster and more efficiently without setting up an account.

3.    How can we make enforcement better for everyone? Hang tags and access cards are a hassle for customers, not to mention hard to enforce. Enter Premium’s Cloud Permits, a parking management system that makes the entire experience seamless. Features like dynamic pricing and enhanced enforcement lower operation costs and risks, while cloud-based license plate credentialing makes it easy to manage groups of parkers of any size.

4.    Why isn’t space more flexible? People come and go and organizations have changing needs. We get that. That’s why Flex Lots allows parking facilities to set their own strategy for success, by ensuring they always have “customer-only” parking available while monetizing extra spaces to create a new revenue stream. A win-win for both parkers and operators.

5.    How can parking make travel easier? Traveling is stressful enough as it is, without the added cost and delays of a shuttle. Premium’s Park & Rideshare leverages rideshare networks and underutilized real estate to let customers arrive in their own vehicle on their own terms. So that they can drive in and ride out and be on their way in less time.

Technology is changing the way people live, and now Premium’s technology is changing the way people park. Because it’s not about building more garages, it's about getting more out of the spaces we have already. It’s about people, places and platform working together to create unparalleled experiences. With smarter policies and sustainable solutions, let’s get to great. And drive growth together.


Whether you’re a small business, commercial office, national retailer, mixed-use or residential development, your customers deserve an easier way to park.

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